Understanding Your Shape- The Pear Shaped Woman

The Power of the Pear Shape

Toni Carter 
Renowned fashion designer with a flair for the simplistic and unique style.

Looking for a dress that fits my top and bottom is literally the most stressful part of shopping. I always have to purchase dresses based on my hips, all the while knowing my bust would swim in the top, because lets face it, I'm small chested. I don't just mean small chested like A cup, B cup, I'm referring to small chested numerically. You know that famous saying about Marilyn Monroe's body, how she's a 36-24-36? Well, as a pear-shaped woman, it's more like 34- 30-42. But what does that all mean? The 1st number is your chest circumference. You measure the chest right below your bust (think of where you bra stops and measure there). 2nd is your waist circumference. This is the smallest part of your stomach area. Last is hip circumference. You measure your hip at the fullest part of your butt (think the equator of your hips). Now that you have your measurements to determine whether you are a pear-shaped woman:

  1. Your chest measurement is smaller than your hips.
  2. Your waist measurement is smaller than your chest.
  3. Your hip measurement is at least 8 inches bigger than your waist.
If that sounds like you, let’s talk about the Power of the Pear Shape!!

Now that I have identified the pear shape, the next step is how to embrace it and what your wardrobe needs are. We deserve more than separates!!!! What do I mean when I say separates? Tops and skirts, or tops and pants. One of the common things a woman with a pear shape will do is purchase separates, because the current dresses in the industry just don't fit. So instead we result in getting a blouse and a pencil skirt and calling it a day. A great fitting pencil skirt can do wonders, but for dresses, that should not be our solution. Knit dresses should be an option, not the solution. I know for my shape, sometimes I just give in and get a knit dress, and while there are many knit dresses out there, my hips make them appear shorter than it intends them to be. This results in the all day shimmy to keep my dress down, causing me to be self-conscious. Extra fabric is another problem. When is comes to areas of my waist and shoulders, sometimes the difference between a medium and a large in a dress can make me appear as if I gained weight, FASHION WEIGHT!! No one wants to feel like that! 

Finding the best necklines and silhouettes is another step to creating the right balance for this body type. A great fitting dress is the foundation, but making sure the neckline and hem shape flatter you is just as important. For necklines:

  1. Dropped shoulder necklines bring beautiful balance to your hips, creating an hourglass silhouette. Boat necklines do this too.
  2. V-Neck lines provide the right amount of negative space that provides a center point that highlights your small waist.

For jackets, peplums and princess seams style lines help elongate your curves, creating the perfect flow from your neckline to hem. As for sleeves, you can pull off anything!! Dresses that best compliment you are:

  • Wrap Dress
  • Open Back Silhouettes 
  • A-Line
  • Sleeveless Sheath Dresses
Amber Watercolor Sheath Dress

Toni & Tucker Co seeks resolved this. The pear-shaped woman is the first body type we sought to address. We focus our fit on creating harmony and balance with your shape. We refer to your shape as Bottom Harmony! We address this by providing a tailored fit.

Bottom Harmony

  • Provides a closer fit on the waist while providing the fit needed for your hips. 
  • Avoids the fullness of fabric often seen on the back, right above your butt, for a more polished looked.
  • Narrower shoulder and chest to capture your shape and avoid the messy oversized look.

Think you are ready to try this new fit? To see if it gives you the harmony you've been missing? Check out Veronica, Regine, and Amber!!

Meet Joyce, The soft micro Suede Sheath Dress you need!!