Let us tell you

about our story.

2 years ago, a journey 

took off that has

been 10 years in the making.

Our story makes us unique.

   Toni & Tucker Co. is a lifestyle tailored for both men and women who celebrate their natural curves and build. We offer a diverse range of artistic creations from our fashionably fun and tastefully sexy dresses to our contemporary, yet classic silhouette blazers and stylishly discrete ties. Your new look will fuel the moment, exemplify the vibe, and become a whole mood for your every day or your special occasion. Along with accessories to complete your look, Toni & Tucker Co. is here to provide a distinct experience.

   Toni & Tucker Co. 

His & Her brand

Designed his & her way. 

Who is Toni & Tucker?



Confident in her God-Sculpted physique, Toni & Tucker Co. embraces her style with a striking balance of modesty, sophistication, and a hint of sex appeal that’ll keep the compliments rolling in, not that you need them. Multi - purpose style great for work, a night on the town, or at a PTA meeting, the flair and creative passion she exudes command respect and attention.




From his broad shoulders to his tapered back and solid legs, Toni & Tucker Co. praises the physique of an “American Cut” man. With a refined and sophisticated palette, his unpredictable color and fabric choices truly allow his contemporary self to silence a room with his entrance alone. Properly and proportionately suited for closing deals at the office, hanging out with the guys, or having a little R & R with that special someone, Toni & Tucker Co. will always have him ready to thrive in any situation.


 Styling Guidance

Each design comes with a styling card because we know what it’s like to pair your new purchase with an existing wardrobe. 



We strive to create pieces that fit as if we tailored it for your body type. You don’t have to fit our style; our style fits you.  



We select fabrics for the comfort of every day, while providing easy care instructions for products that last.



Our Founder: Meet Toni

As a technical designer, my dream has always been "fit first." Early on, I noticed body types that appeared to be under-represented in the fashion industry, and I would one day design a line specifically for those types. Over the years, I have spent countless hours studying different fits and working on designs to bridge that gap. Hense Toni & Tucker Co started with the belief that if it addresses the fit needs of these specific body types first, the design will show itself.  



We want to make your purchasing experience seamless, so questions that you may have with completing your purchase, please free to email us.