Discovering My Shoulders - My Top Harmony Story

My strength is my beauty


Financial & Fitness Coach 

Finally, I found a clothing line that fits my shoulders and fits like it’s made for me! I wish that I understood that my body type was an inverted-triangle sooner! With knowledge comes wiser decisions and the experience of custom fitting clothes! I now understand why I have been struggling all this time (at least since I’ve been wearing tight fitting with buying tops and dresses.  

I remember I first discovered my “shoulders” in 7th grade while wearing an earth-toned colored shirt to school. I remember looking in the mirror and saying, “Wow, I look good, strong and confident.” I didn’t struggle to get into the figure flattering shirt because it was made with a stretchy material but the struggle definitely came later. For example, I’ve tried on clothes in the store and have avoided putting tops or dresses over my head in fear that my shoulders would cause me to get stuck in the garment. When trying on clothing, I have even had the store associate help me out of the clothes. I know what you’re thinking, the clothes must have been too small, right? No, I am not delusional about my size. I just think that if I wear a medium blouse, I wear a medium blouse and should not have to go up a size to make room for my shoulders! Long story short, if I wanted to purchase the garment that caused me to get stuck, I would likely have to go up a size to accommodate my shoulders. 

Unfortunately, yes, I admit that I have had to compromise style for fit because some clothing designers don’t make their clothes to account for more space in the shoulders. I now realize that I have been on auto pilot while shopping for clothing. I’ve been just shopping along unconsciously buying the same types of shirts and dresses to accommodate not getting stuck. Over the years, I purchased particular styles of tops and dresses to include sleeveless, V-neck, spandex, and loose-fitting styles to accommodate my inverted-triangle body type. 

Alas, I found the solution that I never knew I needed in wearing Toni and Tucker! Toni and Tucker thankfully specializes in clothing that is designed with my body type in mind. My shoulders have finally found a (stylish and roomy) home in the Toni and Tucker Top Harmony collection 

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