When your favorite brand pops up!

Check out the details of our recent pop-up in Raleigh, NC and all the fabulous people we met!

Early Morning Riser

It was a chilly Saturday dawn as I loaded my car to prepare for my journey. My destination was 4 hours away, and I had sewn into the early morning, trying to prepare for the day that awaited. I was thrilled and tired but couldn't wait to set up and reveal my newest designs, and share some of my favorite pieces that people just hadn't seen in person yet. 

As I shuffled from music and listening to podcasts to phone calls with my team, I imagined the details of everything for the event. Which dresses I would hang where, how the ties would be presented on the table, all the way down to how the items were placed in the bags. I was ready, or so I thought lol. 

Finally I arrived and began setting up whilst looking at all the other small black owned vendors doing the same. It was refreshing, seeing such a variety of brands and businesses all excited to share their business with the customers that awaited. 15 minutes' til the doors opened, I frantically changed clothes into my dress for the day, said a quick prayer, and took a seat at my table and waited for the customers to arrive. 

Over the next 6 hours customers came and went, complimenting the table, the products and style cards as it impressed them to hear I made it all. Disbelief and proudness came across a few faces, which always makes me smile. As customers explored the rack and took business cards, I gathered research on the items they gravitated towards and the questions about products I didn't have yet. 

This is the beginning of more pop-ups for Toni & Tucker Co. I enjoyed so much seeing the faces of my customers, the joy of their purchases and the excitement of more items to come! Thank you for following me on this journey! Check out the gallery below of clips from our fashion show at the pop up!!



The Yvette Cape Dress graced the runway, turning all eyes (literally). Seeing this dress in motion just took my breath away.


The Tiffany Dress Stole the show! In this look, the model paired it with a Faux Fur Vest and a Pop Clutch that had everyone raving about this look!


All I could see were playful looks and smiles on this runway. These lovely models brought personality to two of our newest pieces. The Lindsay Sweater Dress and The Tucker Turtleneck. All these looks needed was a peacoat, and they were ready for the night's events.


The Angela Dress had everyone wanting more of this print!! The model brought the attitude and confidence that this look was made for!


If “Did Not Come to Play” was a couple, these models showed you what it looked like wearing Toni & Tucker Co.

The Tucker Retro Shirt and Slim Fit Pants were a look that every man wanted to add to his collection. From the way the fabric felt to the fit of the pants, people wanted to know where to find it!

The Tiffany Dress in Smeared Black Cherry had many turning their heads as she strutted through the show!


The Veronica Off White Mini Dress brought a freshness to the night that we all needed. With such a Fall Color palette, this dress tied everything together. 

The Debut of our first skirt, Leia Pencil Skirt, came through and gave everyone hope for more fabulous skirts to come!


The Tucker Wild Flower Print Dress Shirt was our final piece, paired with denim jeans for a casual look.

Created for the date night, workplace, events and so much more Toni & Tucker Co is a vibe. This couple (actual couple) showed just what love in T & T looks like on a date night!! Oohs and ahh were shared by many when this couple walked through!

I put love into every piece, hopefully you can feel it!

Looking forward to seeing you at our next Pop UP!