It all began with a wedding invitation...

Toni Carter 
Renowned fashion designer with a flair for the simplistic and unique style.

We commonly know May through September as wedding season, and with it comes invitations, registries and goals of matching the wedding color schemes in such a way, that every moment captured is a picture perfect memory to the newlyweds.

When my best friend and his fiance sent me the invite to their wedding, I thought this has to be a dress that stands apart while fitting in. I didn't just want another dress that everyone had from the local department store; I wanted something I knew would make a statement.

Watercolor Love began as many of my collections do, with a word and a print, and when I found this print, the word was a "wedding". As I carried the fabric to the counter the light and airiness about it, made the print appear as watercolor strokes that dried as it hung in the wind. As I searched to find the perfect color to ground this print, a subtle color crossed my mind,what if it was stone?" I searched for two weeks, looking for a fabric that would complement its weight, yet provide the proper canvas for the print to blossom, and that's where the designs came to life and began to flow.

As I draped and sketched, my mind ran wild. I need to include navy, peach, and yellow. What if it had side slits? What if the back was out? What if it was a halter? The designs captivated me and I let each design unfold. Not to be mistaken, there were a few that didn't make the cut and I mourned their loss. Different weddings call for different needs. The peach fit and flare is perfect for a beach wedding. As I sketched it, I pictured you flowing in the breeze, flirtyhappy, barefoot as you dance the night away. The one shoulder dress, with its short length and contrast side detail, is perfect for a garden or vineyard wedding. Its impactful pleating and pop of print makes for a beautiful accessory to the flowers and vineyards nearby.

All dresses need friends. As you get ready for your evening, with your gorgeous dress on, hair styled to complement your neckline, the only thing missing is your jewelry and shoes. Watercolor love collection sets well with a navyyellow, peach, and nude shoes. As I thought about each length and silhouette I thought, what shoe would you wear with this?  A heel, strappy or possibly a wedge? What earring and necklace would complete this look? Can you wear a strapless bra? These are the questions I ask myself as I prepare for my best friend's wedding day, I breathe a sigh of relief knowing you have a few more options to choose from as you prepare for this wedding season.

So as you arrive to their special day, with a gift in hand, and great shoes ready to dance, walk in confidently knowing all the pictures that await you aren't even ready for your shine!

Ready to find your dress for this special occasion?