All I wanted was an Apple Pie..

All I wanted was an Apple Pie ..

Toni Carter 
Renowned fashion designer with a flair for the simplistic and unique style.

Okay, so every holiday season I fight between my two favorite desserts, apple pie and sweet potato pie. Thanksgiving was around the corner, and I began to search heavily for all the items I desired on the menu that year. As I researched and pinned on Pinterest, something caught my attention, this beautiful step by step of how to make a lattice apple pie. I began to read the steps of making pie crust (honestly I buy pre-made pie crust) and as my mind works through it, I thought, the crust just shows a slice of something. Then it hits me, A SLICE OF SOMETHING!

The folds of your collarbone, a sliver of your sleeve, the nape of the back of your neck, these were the ideas that began to flow from my mind to my sketchbook. There is a sexy sophistication that these areas give in beautiful designs, the positive and negative space. 

I began this collection slightly different. I began sketching every design and then found the fabric to create with. It was such an interesting process because as a professor I had in college once said, "the fabric will be what it wants to be." I soon learn through trial and error that some of these designs did not want to work in the fabric I assigned, so after months of trials I went back to my true formula, let the fabric and the body show me the design. Finally, things began to show themselves.

The design that started it all was the Selina Basket Halter Dress. Inspired by the lattice technique, I began weaving fabric together around the neck, with the goal of highlighting sexy segments of the chest while maintaining a bit of modesty. From there I moved outward on my next design Veronica Slit Mini Dress, where I wanted to focus more on the collarbone, a way to expose the neck, with a more fitted body and dropped shoulder.

Turtlenecks have been a love of mine for some time. So when seeing a slice of the arm came to mind, the turtleneck was the perfect body to go from. I remember the day the idea came together. I was on a call with a friend of mine, discussing the recent designs, playing with the prototypes and having one of my "overthinking" moments, when I draped the fabric over my arm and then my neck while I stood in the mirror and modeled. Crazy, I know, LOL. But hey, that’s how it came together.

I designed the Slice of Something collection with a focus on sophistication and subtlety. Each design gives you a different look to pair with the events in your life. So check out the collection, with these thoughts in mind. Maybe there's a slice of something you want to show off?!!

The Slice of Something Collection awaits you...